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About Sheridan

I am a qualified Naturopath with over four years’ experience, I am also qualified in Bio Energetic and I am currently studying Iridology and Live Blood Analysis.

Having personally experienced critical health issues myself and no one to tell me the root cause or whether I was ever going to be ok again, I started to learn and re-educate myself in how to heal with natural herbs and dietary changes. Once I was fully mobile and functioning, I decided I also wanted to share and help others, specialising in helping clients to alkalise and cleansing their bodies.

I am very passionate in helping educate clients in looking after their own wellbeing.

Most of the population walk around with low mood, anxiety, IBS, headaches, stiff joints, flared up skin, unanswered cysts/boils or craving sweet food all the time unable to lose weight always in pain (only to name a few) and FEEL this is NORMAL and use conventional lotions and potions to mask the root cause. This is where I COME IN! I have the personal drive and passion to get to the root cause and help you understand why you are suffering with these ailments. Rather than placing a band aid over the issue, I want to draw your attention to these root cause(s) which in the long run will allow you the freedom and movement to allow YOU to take control of your life.

My clients are from infants to the elderly and I provide a BESPOKE treatment plan as NO two people are the same.

People have basically two options in health care. They can choose a type of health care that covers up or suppresses the symptoms, or they can choose an intervention that seeks out the cause of the problem. With the latter method the reason for the failure of the immune system is addressed so that the body can heal itself as intended.

All my recommendation treatments are natural herbal or homeopathic remedies.

If you would like to know more information or want to arrange an appointment to have a full body MOT (so to speak) then please get in touch: