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Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment

Guiding your wellness to a better tomorrow

What is a lifestyle & fitness assessment?

The test is a high tech lifestyle and fitness assessment, that will provide you with a whole picture of your strengths and weaknesses. This fantastic method trends both your lifestyle and your fitness levels, so you can see exactly how it impacts you and how to fine tune your body regaining balance and optimize energy levels, which can give you a better quality of life.

How does it work ?

The lifestyle assessment takes just 90 minutes during which time your practitioner will have conducted over 40 different tests. Tests include saliva, urine, a finger prick of blood, blood pressure, autonomic nervous system, stress levels (which impact on your get up and go and your rest and repair, the effect on your digestion.) lungs both cardiac and diabetic potentials, oxygenation, circulation, BIA fat to muscle, visceral fat, your internal age is also calculated and any premature ageing, basal metabolic rate energy levels potential water re-tension and many other signs to identify potential problems. All these results are presented on the cloud with an immediate report which includes science as to how to change any unwanted trends using food, diet and exercise.

How does a lifestyle assessment achieve these goals ?

By looking at your body NOT as
individual parts but by looking at the whole picture of your strengths and weaknesses, including how stress is impacting on you. 
Find out what it is that prevents you from optimum vitality and performance and learn exactly what you need to do! Regain your lust for life at any age!

Why would I want an assessment?

  • To optimise energy levels
  • Improve fitness levels
  • Discover how your lifestyle effects both energy and fitness levels and how to balance it
  • Improve your quality of life 
  • Follow the trending and see how small changes in your lifestyle can achieve great results.