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Our Testimonials

I and two of my colleagues recently visited your clinic for a vitality screening, I should like to thank you for a most enlightening experience, it has become an in house challenge now between us as to who will have the most improvements by our next visit, I can’t wait.

G. Steadman

Thank you for the illuminating half hour I spent with you last Friday, I was very impressed with the plethora of tests undertaken. I will endeavour to follow the helpful suggestions made in the report and look forward to seeing you soon.


Following my recent visit for a vitality screening, I’m delighted to say I’ve noticed a considerable improvement in my energy levels in just two weeks… I’m delighted to say that this week I managed two sessions in the gym without falling asleep by 8 pm!”


Since my visit to “Wellness With Sheridan” and having taken on board the results and made the changes to my lifestyle – how I feel is transformational I have boundless energy, I have a contrast feeling of get up go and the weight loss I’ve had hasn’t gone a miss either! Learning about what is going on inside my body was a real eye opening experience. Highly recommend Sheridan’s services – Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams

Dear Sheridan

I just wanted to thank you for enabling me to find out what was the issue with my stomach. As a therapist I am constantly reading and researching the link between the brain and the stomach. I believe one definitely effects the other.

Since seeing you I have lost around 5 pounds, my energy levels have increased massively and I feel so much better.

My skin is clearer and I am sleeping More soundly. All of the people that I love have to come to you twice a year. That’s my rule now. Then I know we can keep them safe.

Thanks again

Melanie K.

Around 8 weeks ago I was overweight, struggling with brain fog and had an insatiable appetite for sugar. As a busy 42 year old mum of two young children and a husband working long hours, I resigned myself to the fact that this was my life now.

My day consisted of waking up with enthusiasm, downing caffeine freely, feeling super productive until about 2pm when my world would come crashing down, I would then raid the treat box for chocolate and then obsessively stuff as many sweets, biscuits or bars of chocolate I could find in to my mouth.

This causing me to crave to lie down and sleep until I could feel I was out the pit of desperation.

I would forget what day it was in the evening and that would cause me to start having anxiety that I was going mad!

Fast forward to today .. I am calmer, I no longer crave naps, my brain fog is improving. This is thanks to seeing Sheridan.

I was apprehensive at first but seeing how she had helped my good friend so much I decided to book an appointment and even dragged my husband along.

Sheridan gently uncovered that I and my husband had lots of imbalances and needed to make some changes

Sheridan put together a plan for us which included leaving sugar out the house but also an array of valuable supplements to take to bring our health back to a place of normality.

So here we are, two months later and we both feel that we are dramatically improving. Some of the differences are astonishing , my husband used to feel stressed most days but he feels a lot calmer now. Some of the issues Sheridan advises will take longer to heal but that’s OK as we know we are on the path to wellness.

My 8 year old daughter has also been to see Sheridan and we have been following her advice for 3 weeks and we are getting our sparky little girl back, she’s gone from being highly anxious to having small but significant changes to her mood, so much so that she’s had the confidence to join a netball team. Who knew that nutritional deficiencies could cause so much?

Sheridan, as a family we are so grateful to you. We can’t wait for our next appointment to see what has changed for us. I never want to go back to eating kilos of sugar ever again. The old me is emerging and I love her and I love that our family health is collectively getting better. I just need to bring my two year old to see you now!

Rosie Riley & Lola R